At Apex Project Management Consultants, we leverage Project Management to assist clients with identifying risks, maximizing cost savings, minimizing time delays, and improving economic return. Our proven strategy develops a balanced program for execution, analysis, and management. Our services include:project management

  • CPM Scheduling
  • Cost Management
  • Estimating
  • Project Execution
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Contract Management

Our project management team takes a proactive approach through our innovative strategies including initiating, planning, executing, testing, and monitoring.

Scheduling is the process that converts the project’s work execution plan into a detailed road map, which if followed and adjusted to account for change and/or delay as it may occur, will assure timely project completion. Scheduling is one of the key tools used for monitoring and controlling projects to ensure the objectives of cost, quality, and time are met. Schedules provide the baseline against which progress is measured and reported. Schedules are used to assess time impact of changes to the work scope as well as forecast completion dates for key milestones; and if necessary, re-plan and schedule the work to meet changing conditions and risks.

Your CPM Schedule Management Specialists

At Apex Project Management Consultants, our goal is to add value to our client’s projects through proven, effective scheduling and management solutions. We enhance each client’s project management staff’s abilities by correctly designing and executing project schedules that meet the requirements of the organization and their goals.

By using CPM Scheduling, we can support the efforts and negate the challenges of controlling projects. Our seasoned staff:

  • Anticipates Conditions and Risks
  • Develops of WBS in P6
  • Codes and Creates Resources and Cost Loaded Schedules in P6
  • Creates Schedule Update/Maintenance Based on Reporting

With our cost management solutions, we plan and manage our clients’ budgets through cost analysis, estimation, budgeting, and monitoring. We understand that having a good cost management system in place will allow our clients to better estimate and allocate resources and obtain their goals. Benefits include:

  • Ability to predict impending expenditures
  • Help reduce the change of going over budget
  • Improve the effectiveness of plans


In business, cost accounting can be confusing, as costs become entangled in accounting and business economics (e.g., COGS-cost of goods sold and fixed, variable and sunk costs) terminologies. We start every project by clarifying terminology and streamlining the process.

For Apex consultants, cost estimating is of integral importance to the quality of the cost and scheduling program on any project, as well as the success of a project. Using an appropriate cost estimating methodology ensures the most accurate cost budget, resource planning, and schedule.

We believe in a framework for cost estimating that consists of the following:

  • A system for the classification of cost estimating.
  • The methodologies used in the preparation of cost estimates.
  • Establishing estimating accuracy as it relates to the scope definition.
  • The application of risk analysis to contingency.

The project execution period is typically the most time consuming and intricate phase in the project life cycle. It is easy to get off track, develop communication obstacles, or become lax in following procedures or plans. We’re here to ensure you see your project through to completion through our proven project execution strategies.

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that is used to staff a project in response to the business objectives. One of the main advantages is that it leverages existing resources as well as utilizes outsourced services and contract workers to enrich the organization and expand their expertise.

At Apex Project Management Consultants, we leverage our existing network and partners to locate the right professionals to meet our clients’ needs. Our process includes:

  • Analyzing the needs of the organization
  • Evaluating the existing staff and skills
  • Determining which additional skills or staff are required
  • Leveraging our existing network or partners

Contract Management is a fundamental component of controlling the expectation(s) of customers, suppliers, and partners. In order to control these expectations, organizations require an understanding of contract terms, cost elements, intellectual rights, audit rights, compliance, and a host of other topics. That is where APEX Project Management Consultants come in.

Your Contract Management Consultants

We understand what is required and results if those requirements are not met. At Apex we have extensive experience with contract management and understand how to formulate, amend, and comply with contracts and task Orders. With our contract management experience, our team has the ability to help protect your company from possible risks.