Cost analysis

cost can become confusing for some, as they become entangled in accounting and business economics (e.g., COGS-cost of

goods sold and fixed, variable and sunk costs) terminologies. Clarifying this terminology by relating it to the cost estimating process
is recommended for our professionals.

In the cost estimating process, costing follows scope determination and quantification and precedes pricing and budgeting

Based on the cost estimating process, cost can be categorized into direct or indirect

CPM Scheduling

Scheduling is the process that converts the project’s work execution plan into a detailed road map, which if followed and adjusted to
account for change and/or delay as it may occur, will assure timely project completion. Scheduling is one of the key tools used for
monitoring and controlling projects to ensure the objectives of cost, quality, and time are met. Schedules provide the baseline
against which progress is measured and reported. Schedules are used to assess time impact of changes to the work scope as well as
forecast completion dates for key milestones; and if necessary, re-plan and schedule the work to meet changing conditions and risks.
At Apex consultants, our seasoned staff has capibilities to develop WBS, coding and create resource and cost loaded schedules for your project needs. We also provide schedule updating/ maintenance based on reporting needs for your organization.

Project Management

Project management has been a continually evolving skill of theory that assists in identifying risks, maximizing cost savings, minimizing time delays, and improving economic return. The objective of the chapter is to introduce a proactive system of fundamentals that uses the time methodology and culture to develop a balanced program for execution, analysis, and management.


Our construction management take a proactive role through the newly developed programs of construction
preplanning and constructability; which results in a strong construction involvement at the early stage of the project to ensure that
engineering design and early planning fully recognize the requirements of an economic construction program.


For Apex consultants Cost estimating is of integral importance to the quality of the cost and scheduling program on any project. Of paramount importanceto the success of a project is the integrity of the cost estimate; and this is ensured by the use of the appropriate cost estimating
methodology. The cost estimate becomes the basis for setting up the cost budget, resources and the ensuing progress and schedule
monitoring processes during project execution.

We believe in framework for cost estimating which consist of the following:

  • A system for the classification of cost estimating.
  • The methodologies used in the preparation of cost estimates.
  • Establishing estimating accuracy as it relates to the scope definition.
  • The application of risk analysis to contingency.

Contract administration

Contract administration is an integral part of a Apex consultants. We understand that all capital improvement projects are executed through written contracts which bind both the owner and the contractor to certain terms and conditions and performance requirements.
At Apex we read, understand and comply with these contract documents throughout the contract period in order to properly perform their jobs.
We also assist in the preparation of Contract change/amendments and Task Orders.